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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Fun Factor: 5/5

I had ordered an advanced copy of this game on Steam with the $10 bonus content of a digital art book and the Orange Light Saber color. Besides the cosmetic benefits that comes with those things it is very easy to play the game without any of that. Personally I have a very nice Gaming PC and I had no problems of any kind playing this game on PC versus the also available Playstation 4 edition. On that note, the graphics for this game are absolutely gorgeous. The attention to every little detail was a wonder to behold. The story follows a young Jedi, Cal Kestis. A man on the run from the Evil Empire seeking to rid the galaxy of the Jedi.


Learning Curve: Very Hard

Cal is a master Parkour, able to walk pipes and clime walls with incredible skill. On that hand, there is a huge amount of exploration and treasures to find. In a way it plays like a “Metroid-Vania” where one must revisit older areas with new abilities to find more treasure. There is no fast travel of any kind so if you want to go somewhere you need to be committed to going there and walking back. Probably the hardest aspect is that there is a specific way to fight every kind of enemy in order to be successful. Even the weakest animals can prove deadly if not approached carefully. There are slight RPG (Role Playing Game) elements to gaining experience from defeating enemies to spend points on a skill tree. Having no set order, the player must prioritize which abilities to unlock and when.


Overall Rating:  4/5

I absolutely love this game. As a Star Wars fan myself I really enjoyed the story and game play along with the powers you receive as a Jedi. I also loved how compatible the game felt to being played with the Steam Controller (for which, I’m a little biased since the Steam Controller is my favorite controller.) The only thing that keeps me from giving this game a perfect score, is that even though I purchased the game on Steam, it forces you to install Origin and login to a mandatory EA account, that by chance, I already had. 

Update: EA just released a very nice free DLC package for this game.  Good going EA!  The package includes a new outfit, lightsaber color and a very nice New Game+ mode to play on.  New Game+ allows the player to start a new campaign with all the costumes and colors that had already been collected from the start of the game.  No skill tree stats or abilities are passed over.  All you have to do to receive the free content is login and download the latest update.

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