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Mega Man 11

Fun Factor:  5/5

As a long time Mega Man fan, when I heard that the Blue Bomber (AKA Mega Man) was going to resume his old mantle on a modern console, I was ecstatic. Finally a chance to thrash Dr. Wily and his eight Robot Masters for the first time in years! The game doesn’t fail to deliver. For dedicated fans, there is no shortage of action and difficulty. For new comers the Casual mode will tone it down enough to be enjoyable by anyone. And then there’s the newly added Double Gear system. Armed with one half super speed, and one half power it’s truly an addictive addition to an already stellar platformer. As if that wasn’t enough, collecting screws throughout the stages unlocks even more features. I enjoyed every second of this instant classic.

Learning Curve: Easy

There’s really no difficulty to the controls. Basically Jump with A, Shoot with B and Double Gear with the shoulder buttons. The challenge will mostly come from adapting to new surroundings and puzzling out which acquired weapon will work against a new foe. Every Robot Master will grant a new power that is guaranteed to work against another Robot Master. Every power will also react differently when applied while Power Gear is active.

Overall Rating: 5/5

I bought my copy for the Nintendo Switch and also paid a little extra to get the Amiibo Edition. The Special Mega Man Amiibo is a fine addition to my collection of Mega Man stuff. Should you happen to have a Mega Man Amiibo, it will interact with game rewarding the player with new in-game items. For a Mega Man fan, this is a must have. However, if you are just looking for a good classic platforming experience there are few as good as this one.

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