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Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

Fun Factor:  4/5

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a follow up to an older series by Sega called Wonder Boy. I unfortunately hadn’t had a chance to play any of the Wonder Boy games, but I did enjoy Monster Boy genuinely. In short Monster Boy is what is called a Metroidvania, meaning that the game takes place in a large vivid world where the player collects abilities and treasures to collect yet more treasures as the game progresses. Generally, the overall objective is to collect all the treasure. The game sports a hilarious sense of humor and is mostly an enjoyable platformer. The game play sums up as the player gains transformations as you defeat bosses that allow the player to explore new areas. I obtained 100% of the treasures and there was a special ending, but I think you need to have played Wonder Boy to understand the significance.

Learning Curve: Moderately Easy

There isn’t much challenge to be said for this title. I never ran into any point of the game that was a real stumbling block and I never needed to look up a guide to figure out any of the puzzles. The character mostly jumps and swings a sword while trying to avoid being hit in turn.

Overall Rating: 4/5

If you are looking for a solid Metroidvania that doesn’t take itself too seriously then this title is for you. Not too expensive and playing on the Nintendo Switch it’s a nice thing to carry around with you to a doctors appointment or anything you need to wait on.

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